SMARTSTREAM.TV delivers video campaigns directly to the right audience. We have over 300 million Video AdCalls available every month. We run video In-Stream campaigns with around 120 dedicated Premium Publishers on desktop, tablet, smartphone, and SmartTV. Based on our proprietary targeting technology we process profiles of more than 31 million unique users. With SMARTSTREAM.TV you reach your target audience – across all devices.


Net Reach

By aggregating the reach of 90 premium apps and websites we guarantee direct access to more than 31 million unique users in Germany every month. We reach your target audience on all digital devices – with a cross-device frequency capping!


SMARTSTREAM.TV cooperates exclusively with 90 dedicated premium video publishers – in a direct relationship without any aggregators. We cover a broad set of themes and topics through our publisher portfolio. Just ask for our whitelist or for a bespoken advertiser channel.


Based on our audience targeting technology we deliver your video ad spot directly to the right audience group with the appropriate frequency. You are able to choose among a broad set of targeting options to meet any media goal.