Data processing by Smartstream.tv

Smartstream.tv operates as a multi-screen video marketing firm working in conjunction with various market participants to deliver high-quality video advertisement tailored to the needs and interests of the respective end user on their smartphone, tablet, SmartTV and/or desktop PC. Our partners and clients include agencies, advertisers, publishers, DSPs and third party measurement vendors. Performing this quality service involves the processing of end users’ personal data within our technologies and between our partners and clients. We would like to use the following to provide you with some information on this topic and create as high a level of transparency as possible.

Why does personal data need to be processed at all?

The Internet offers a range of content for website and app users, which is predominantly free of charge. This includes, for example, news sites, lifestyle blogs and gaming apps, such as strategy games. Generating content for these websites and programming apps requires know-how, creative effort and, ultimately, manpower. To ensure all this can be provided free of charge, the provider needs to monetise their offering in one way or another – their employees still need paying even if the content is offered without a fee. One source of revenue comes from incorporating advertising, e.g. video advertising from Smartstream.tv.

Elsewhere in the market, there are agencies and advertisers which want to market products, e.g. a hair conditioner, and have these displayed within various marketing instruments, including online advertisement. Their goal is to reach people who may potentially be interested in such products: the target group. They also wish to measure the marketing success of the ad at the same time.

If Smartstream.tv did not process personal data when delivering and measuring advertisements, it would not be possible to properly target specific groups of users while simultaneously addressing their particular interests. Put more simply: you – the user – will be shown video advertisements by us which likely do not interest you at all. This is not only inefficient for the advertisers but is also a nuisance to you when you use their app or visit their site.

Securely processing personal data in compliance with data protection law thus means that a wide range of free content can stay free. It also ensures that the marketing user experience is much more positive and enables advertisers to reach the people who are interested in their products.

What data is processed?

First things first: we do not process your first and last names, your email address, postal address or similar as part of our operations.

We only process pseudonymised data, such as:

Online identifiers
Das ist z.B. ihre Cookie-ID ( z.B. k19278vd16f76d10g3c1c3f29d93431b), User-ID oder Advertising-ID (z.B. k11274vd-19f7-6d10-g3f1-c3f54d93281b)

Transaction data
The time at which you viewed or clicked on the advertisement

Hashed IP address
This includes, for instance, your cookie ID (e.g. k19278vd16f76d10g3c1c3f29d93431b), user ID or advertising ID (e.g. k11274vd-19f7-6d10-g3f1-c3f54d93281b)

Example: hashing
A “hash value” is used for processing e.g. 7tni46915v309gfb2f0. The hash value we use is not solely generated from the IP address but instead also features a “salt” value. This makes the encryption even more secure.

What does the act of processing involve?

With some of the complexity removed, it can be explained as follows: our ad server places a cookie via your browser when you are shown a video advertisement. This cookie contains information, e.g. the cookie ID, which allows users, such as yourself, to be recognised at a later point. If you are shown the video on your mobile device, we do not place a cookie but instead rely on your advertising ID. We are also informed of the data mentioned previously while you view the video.

All of this is drawn together within our data management platform, or DMP for short. This DMP is capable of creating intelligent data profiles and ensures that we can recognise you/your ID from now on. Our ad server calls upon these data profiles to achieve the following:

  • Ensuring that advertising which interests you is not shown excessively

  • Identifying you as being potentially interested in travelling (for example, you viewed an initial advertisement on a travel portal) and displaying video advertisements in future featuring products relevant to your next summer holiday

  • If you’re often sitting in an airport terminal and browsing through your favourite blog, we will prioritise advertisements for a new, ultra-light suitcase on wheels.

Where is personal data stored and for how long?

We delete data in as little as 7 days or as many as 90 days depending on the type of data. The actual processing and storage of this data take place within the European Union.

How secure is the data held by Smartstream.tv?

We use high-performance, top-security servers to process data and we also train and familiarise our employees with how to handle personal data. By the way, we have been doing this since before the EU GDPR came into force. It has been an integral part of our employees’ method of working since the start and will continue to be so.

We have compiled a clear and easy-to-understand list of all relevant issues in our “Technical and Organisational Measures” (TOMs), which we will gladly provide you with. Simply send us a short email or give us a call.

Contact for questions relating to data protection

The EU GDPR grants data subjects an extensive range of rights. Below you will find information on how to contact us and discover more about these rights and ask any further questions.

Making use of your right of access, right to erasure etc.
E-Mail: privacy@smartstream.tv
Telephone: +49 89 200068 333

Right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority
Bayerisches Landesamt für Datenschutzaufsicht (BayLDA)
Promenade 27 D
91522 Ansbach
E-Mail: poststelle@lda.bayern.de

General questions
Jan Philip Schreiber
E-Mail: Jan-philip.schreiber@smartstream.tv
Telefon: +49 211 542 03 740

Or contact our data protection officer:
Maximilian Hartung
Frauentorstraße 9
86152 Augsburg
E-Mail: epost@datenschutz-agentur.de
Telephone: +49 821 90786458



More information on interest-based advertisement can be found on the consumer portal http://www.meine-cookies.org  The link below to this portal also lets you see which providers’ tools are activated and enables you to prevent the gathering/analysis of your data by these tools: http://www.meine-cookies.org/cookies_verwalten/praeferenzmanager-beta.html .

You are able to opt out of various tools, particularly those from US providers, by signing up to a central opt-out page: http://optout.networkadvertising.org/#/


You can prevent your personal data being recorded by the Smartstream.tv system by using the following opt-out:

Link to opt-out: https://smarstream.tv/en/cookie-opt-out

Further information

We use further providers/trackers when delivering our advertisements. The following table provides a current list. Please be aware the inclusion of a provider does not necessarily mean they are working with us at all times.

Table of providers/trackers